Winter Driving Emergency Essential Tips

Every Winter season, we see people on the news who have been hurt or killed due to hazardous winter driving conditions. When we’re out and about in our vehicles, the weather can change from minute to minute during any season, but especially during the Wintertime. If the conditions aren’t good, it’s always best to simply not drive, if at all possible. This is the best way to stay safe, but here are some tips for keeping safe if you absolutely must be on the road this Winter.

Get Weather Updates

Before you head out, it’s absolutely critical that you check the latest weather updates. You’ll get the most up to date weather if you check a weather app on your phone, tablet or other device. Try setting up the app to send you alerts when there are any advisories or warnings in your area. These alerts could save your life, or at least help you to avoid unnecessary problems.

You should also have a weather radio in your car, along with some extra batteries. A good weather radio will get a signal in areas where AM or FM signals may be quite weak. You’ll want to have a weather radio in case your cell phone battery runs out.

Be Prepared

Some essential winter safety supplies include LED flashlights, extra water, extra food, blankets, batteries for the flashlights and candles. Here’s a handy trick to keep you warm in your car if you get stuck in the snow. Keep a candle in the vehicle as well as a lighter or some matches. If you light a candle, even just a small one, it will warm up your whole car to a tolerable temperature for as long as it burns.

No matter how beautiful it may look, snow can be treacherous. You should make sure to have essentials for driving in the snow, such as chains and/or snow tires and some tools to help you dig out of the snow and scrape the snow off your vehicle if you get stuck.

Things To Watch For

Black ice is a big danger in the Wintertime. Black ice forms when water is on the ground, but then it freezes. Black ice is pretty much invisible and will cause your tires to slip. Even more hazardous is when snow gathers on top of the black ice, making it even more difficult to steer out of.

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What Is Methanol?

Methanol is additionally perceived as wood liquor, methyl liquor, and methyl hydrate. It is the normal liquor utilized as a part of “liquor blazing” race autos. It is usually utilized as liquid catalyst as a part of – 20 degree f blue winter mix windshield washer liquid and also a gas line dryer in Heet and for keeping aircraft dry, in trucks with airbrakes. In the event that utilized as the sole fuel as a part of a diesel, it requires a start source as it won’t auto-touch off since its auto-start temperature is near 900 degrees f.

At the point when infused before the admission complex of a diesel (which is the technique utilized as a part of the Boost Cooler water-methanol infusion framework), the way that it has a cetane rating of four implies that it expands start delay (time from begin of diesel infusion to begin of auto-start). After start, chamber weight ascends at a speedier rate so “diesel commotion” is marginally expanded yet crest barrel weight is just somewhat higher because of start postponement and the ignition molding impact (the accessible diesel is all the more proficiently blazed in the later dispersion controlled phase of burning).

More power is accomplished because of the way that the diesel is all the more effectively and totally blazed and the additional methanol is a fuel source. Likewise, the way that more power is created on the power stroke (as cylinder is going down after TDC) bringing about more net positive torque implies more power is produced with a given measure of fuel. There is conceivably more power likewise in that more diesel can be infused securely because of decreased burning temps.
Numerous consider how water can expand control since it isn’t a fuel. Water expands control through two principle components. To start with, it brings down charge air temps which expands air charge thickness (more oxygen accessible for burning). At the point when water changes state from a fluid to a gas, it retains warm. How much warmth relies on upon the aggregate surface zone of the beads which is the reason atomization is so critical. Volume steady, the all the more finely atomized the beads, the more aggregate surface zone. Furthermore, extension happens as the beads change state amid burning making the “steam impact” which pushes down on the cylinder making extra torque. Additionally, this is “protected power” in that this torque is transcendently made as the cylinder is going down amid the power stroke after TDC.

Water/methanol infusion can be considered as a protection strategy to make preparations for motor harm brought on by high EGTs. Harm from delayed high fumes gas temperatures can be intense (e.g. turbo impeller shaft disappointment) or constant (ventilation system metal weakness and breaking brought about by warmth impact on the silicon substance of the metal). Infusing an excess of (which causes ignition extinguish) ought to be kept away from. In reality, mellow extinguish is innocuous yet delayed extreme extinguish from over infusion ought to be maintained a strategic distance from. More often than not when somebody supposes they have encountered “diesel thump,” it is really extinguish they are hearing. Basically, escape the throttle and conform your framework to infuse less. The advantages of a 2-D mapped controller (highlighted in the Snow Stage-3 and MPG-MAX frameworks) incorporate a more right infusion amount at all working states bringing about more power, less demanding setup, and less penchant to extinguish.

Another key advantage is carbon expulsion from the highest points of cylinders, valves, admissions (vital with EGR prepared vehicles) and EGR frameworks bringing about a smoother running motor and one that requires less upkeep (cleaning of the admission tract and EGR valve).

More power is created from a given measure of diesel. Methanol is an extra wellspring of fuel and water includes control by means of the steam impact. You are supplanting costly diesel with cheap water or water-methanol. To acknowledge greatest mileage, water/methanol infusion ought to happen at all motor load states and not exactly at high motor load states. This is the reason for the MPG-MAX frameworks. These frameworks have the best scope of infusion (summon two spouts autonomously and have unique mapping that permits the right infusion amount at all motor load states).

Water/methanol infusion (WMI) frameworks diminish air gulf temps and improve burning productivity on turbo Diesel applications, which permits a motor to convey more power with less exertion. Water/methanol infusion likewise offers a large group of advantages that advance motor life span, including the lessening of carbon stores departed by a Diesel’s fumes gas distribution (EGR) framework. Water/Methanol Injection Systems for turbo Diesel trucks and SUVs use the most strong equipment joined with more propelled components than whatever other equivalently estimated water/methanol infusion framework.


Diminishes Air Inlet Charge Temps
Methanol’s “fluid intercooling” impact on turbo Diesel motors can diminish air charge temps by as much as 100 degrees, and convey a more oxygen-rich air charge.

Improves Combustion and Efficiency
Notwithstanding cooling air bay temps, as the water assimilates warm in the ignition chamber and changes over to steam, the steam’s extension rate builds the mean powerful barrel weight without bringing on risky weight spikes. This powerful increment in chamber weight consolidated with methanol’s advancement of finish ignition permits your Diesel motor to blaze fuel all the more totally. At the point when fuel is being singed all the more totally less is squandered, which can expand efficiency.

Since Diesel vehicles utilizing water/methanol infusion smolder fuel all the more totally, less un-blazed fuel is available in the ventilation system where it can streak light to expand EGTs and make particulate matter (ash). Water/methanol infusion dispenses with this auxiliary burning of crude fuel in the ventilation system to lessen EGTs by up to 250 degrees, and diminishes unsafe particulates to broaden motor life (and that costly particulate channel).

Methanol Water Injection kits, otherwise called Alcohol Injection kits, is the best method for controlling explosion in constrained enlistment motors. Liquor Injection cools your engine’s intake air temperatures and in addition expands octane levels. Methanol Injection’s Kits are anything but difficult to introduce and much less demanding to control. Our central goal is to give the best Water Methanol Injection pack for you to securely include More Boost, More Timing, and above all, make MORE POWER We are focused on offering the best in liquor water infusion execution, quality, and administration.

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7 Fuel Saving Ideas

We all love to complain about the price of fuel, and few of us understand the mysteries around the seemingly random increases and decreases in costs at the pump. There are things we can all do to improve our gas mileage, however, whether we drive a brand new car or an old beater. Take a look at these fuel saving tips and put some extra money in your pocket.

Tire Pressures

Get used to checking your tire pressures regularly, at least once a week. Under-inflated tires cause excessive rolling resistance which results in burning more fuel. Conversely, the right tire pressures will reduce rolling resistance and therefore use less fuel.

How heavy is your load?

It makes sense that if your vehicle is loaded down with stuff your car is going to have to work harder in order to run, which means that it will take more gas to operate. Obviously there will be times when this cannot be avoided. But there may be an accumulation of stuff in your car that doesn’t really need to be there all the time, such as sporting equipment or tire chains. Lighten your load as often as possible and enjoy the perks of fuel saving.

Watch your lead foot

If you are one of those drivers who like to punch the accelerator to make quick manoeuvres, you are likely not going to enjoy any fuel saving. Try to maintain a more consistent speed, and even use cruise control when highway driving. These tips will help you to consume less fuel and may even have you arriving at your destination in a much calmer state!

It’s all about smooth

There’s a reason why jets are smooth and curved on the outside. They are specifically designed so that the air slides on by, rather than creating resistance to air flow. The same principle applies to your vehicle. If you have piled luggage on the roof and opened all your windows, the air can get “caught” and pull on your vehicle, slowing it down and causing it to work much harder to keep a steady pace. Once again, anything that works against efficiency will reduce your fuel saving.

Plan your trips carefully

Did you know that a cold car burns more fuel? Consider doing all of your errands in one trip rather than taking several trips from a cold start. A warm vehicle provides significant fuel saving over a cold one.

Premium versus regular fuel

Many people are under the impression that buying premium fuel improves their fuel saving. This is actually not true. Some studies have indicated that only about 6% of all vehicles on the road actually require premium fuel. If your car’s manufacturer isn’t recommending premium fuel then you are wasting your money!

Schedule regular maintenance

Having your vehicle serviced and maintained can help to support your fuel saving plan. Even small things, such as under-inflated tires, poor quality oil or corroded battery cables can cause your car to work too hard and end up costing you money.

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7 Tips to Prepare Your Vehicle for Winter

Windshield Wipers and Fluid – Fog, snow and rain will cut down your visibility in winter, causing you to use your wiper blades and washer fluid much more than normal. An antifreeze solution along with winter wiper blades will help to fight ice build-up. Keeping extra windshield washer solvent on hand is helpful too!

Battery – A thorough inspection of your battery, cables, terminals and fluid will help to make sure your car is ready for winter. The cold weather puts more stress on your battery. Many automotive parts stores will test your battery capacity free of charge.

Inspect Your Tires – If you’re not mounting winter tires on your vehicle, be sure to examine your current tires for remaining tread life, uneven wearing and cupping as well as checking the sidewalls for cuts and nicks to help you to know if your tires are ready for the harsh weather. The colder weather will also reduce the pressure within your tires, causing them to perform poorly in the snow. You should frequently check your tire pressures.

Coolant – Along with regulating the engine temperature, a vehicle’s coolant system is responsible for protecting your engine against corrosion. For the winter season you will want to make sure that you are using the right ratio of coolant to water in your system as well as using the right type of coolant for your car. If you are unsure, you can check the effectiveness of your coolant with a simple and inexpensive test found at any car parts store.

Ice scraper – Keep your ice scraper in your vehicle and always clean off your car completely, not just a little peephole in the windshield. You must be able to see all your surroundings, your side mirrors and through your back window. Snow on top of your car could slide down and cover your windshield while you are slowing down or fly off onto someone else’s vehicle while you are driving. In some states it is the law that your vehicle is clear of snow and ice.

Survival Kit – Especially during times of slick road conditions and below freezing temperatures, you will want to keep a survival kit in the car at all times in case of emergency. Some items to consider include extra gloves, boots and blankets, flares, tire chains, a flashlight and extra batteries, car charger or portable cellphone charger, and a whistle. Also check your spare tire and make sure that your car jack is in good, working condition.

Keep Your Gas Tank Above Half – If you get stuck or stranded, the car’s engine will be your only source of heat and you will want to be sure you have enough fuel to keep you warm. In some cases, it may be necessary to remove snow from behind the tailpipe and keep it unobstructed to prevent lethal gas from accumulating in the vehicle.

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How to Avoid Aggressive Drivers

Aggressive Driving is becoming a worldwide problem. Aggressive drivers not only put their lives in danger but also the lives of other drivers. Almost every driver has experienced some form of aggressive driving in their lifetime. Aggressive driving is on the rise worldwide on every continent from Africa, Asia, Americas to Europe. We may blame it on overpopulation, stress, global warming or signs of the Last Days but the fact is that aggressive drivers are here to stay. It is best that we find a way to co-exist with them. We have to take aggressive drivers seriously as currently they cause more accidents than drunk drivers, large vehicles and congestion. Almost one third of road fatalities are caused by over-speeding and aggressive drivers overspeed.

It’s Not Only Anger

It is a common belief that most aggressive drivers are neurotics with no outlet for their inner rage and of course angry people make a large portion of aggressive drivers. Impatient people in a hurry to get to their destination though can be just as aggressive. Unsafe driving may also be caused by stressed and irritated individuals. Aggression from one driver goads other drivers into aggression and we have a chain reaction to contend with. Your life is much too precious to lose over momentary anger, stress or boredom.

Congestion Breeds Aggression

Every passing year we get more and more new cars on the road. This leads to congestion on the roads and waiting on the crowded roads raises frustration that eventually leads some into aggressive driving.

Motorcycle Riders

More and more motorcycles are now on the road and many motorcycle drivers weave in and out of lines at full throttle. In developing countries motorcycle riders are a leading cause of fatalities and things are not much better in developed countries either. Be more alert when motorcycle riders are passing by your vehicle and slow down if feasible to let them overtake you.

A chain reaction

Aggressive drivers start a chain reaction by getting other drivers angry and frustrated. Too many otherwise good drivers become a part of the problem by reacting instinctively into unsafe driving

Around Larger Vehicles

Large vehicles as trucks and buses have larger blind spots and are not always able to see drivers that are following too closely or speeding past them. It also take a lot longer for larger vehicles to come to a stop; and, in a crash, a truck or bus on a car is like a sledge hammer on a tin can. All drivers need to keep a safe distance from larger vehicles. Pickup truck drivers feel more secure but increasingly pickup truck are being made of lighter materials and they are no match for large commercial trucks.

Here are some tips on how to avoid aggressive drivers.

· Get out of their way and steer clear of them on the road.

· Stay relaxed. Remember that reaching your destination safely and calmly is your goal.

· Don’t challenge them. Avoid eye contact. Ignore rude gestures and refuse to return them.

· Give them the benefit of the doubt. Not all aggressive driving behavior is directed at you.

· Don’t block the passing lane, especially if you are driving slower than most of the traffic. Move to the right lane

How to avoid being an aggressive driver

· Allow more travel time to get to your destination. It reduces stress dramatically.

· Come to a full stop at red lights and stop signs. Never run yellow lights.

· Let other drivers merge with you.

· Obey posted speed limits.

· Don’t ever follow other drivers too closely.

· Resist temptation to teach someone “a lesson.”

· Concentrate on driving, not on cell phones, stereo, passengers or other distractions.

· Remember that you can’t control traffic, but you can control yourself, your driving, and your emotions.

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Nifty Tech Hacks For Your Car

Smart technology is everywhere these days, and over the past decade or so, a lot of the most advanced, state of the art software available has found its way inside the average modern day vehicle. Manufactures also tend to offer car buyers the opportunity to upgrade the tech inside their current cars, regularly releasing new software additions designed to create a driving experience reflective of the digital age.

The downside? Tech-heavy cars are expensive, and so is the process of installing software to make your vehicle look like it belongs in the 21st century. If you’re looking to save a little cash but still fancy the added perks, take a look at these nifty, affordable tech hacks for your car.

Turn Your Smartphone Into A Dashboard Cam

If you have a spare smartphone kicking around, why not turn it into a camera that you can fit onto your car dashboard?

Having a dash cam to record your journeys is a funky little addition to your vehicle, and may prove to be particularly handy if you ever get into an accident and need to claim on insurance.

It’s surprisingly easy to sort, too. The first step is to get yourself a mount on which to store your smartphone. Search for a sturdy design and take it for a test spin around your block before you hit the open road (this will determine whether it’s guaranteed to stick in place). The next move is to find yourself a suitable app. There are plenty out there on the smartphone app store, including CamOnRoad, Car Camera and AutoGuard Dash Cam. Have a play with all of them to see which one is right for you.

Hidden Garage Remote

If you own a garage with an electric door, or live in an apartment block with a gate, you’ve probably got the access remote stowed away in the cup holder by the gearstick or in the loose change compartment. A handy place to keep it? Yes. But a sensible place? Not really. Some thieves are opportunist, but others like to take a quick look around the car before they act. If they spot a device that offers them access to your garage (where you’ll probably have valuable items stored) they won’t think twice about breaking in to get it.

So why not make yourself a cheeky garage remote concealer? Invest in a big cup that you can store inside your car, and tape the remote to the base. This way, the valuable piece of tech is hidden from sight, giving thieves little incentive to break in and even less of a chance of them finding a way to access your garage/apartment gate if they do.

Shade Sheet

This isn’t the coolest hack on this list by any means, nor is it even very tech-y. Nonetheless, it could well be the most useful.

A shade sheet offers an increased sense of visibility when you’re on the road, blocking out those pesky pockets of light that can come streaming into the car to blind your eyesight. You can buy one for a very reasonable price at several different outlets. Just make sure the design you choose can be easily peeled off the screen in a moment’s notice, but is also ready to stick rigidly in place for the portion of the journey in which you need it.

GPS Tracker

Having a GPS tracker on your car allows you to determine where your vehicle is at all times. If you’re a parent who’s recently – but somewhat begrudgingly – agreed to insure your child on your car, this is a great way to keep an eye on them and make sure they aren’t driving to any dodgy places. A GPS tracker will also prove invaluable if someone decides to pinch your motor, giving the police every chance of tracking the thief down and getting the car back to you in one piece.

Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot

Did you know there are actually ways for you turn your car into a Wi-Fi hotspot?

By having your own internet network in your vehicle, you’ll be able to link up to the web in a moment’s notice at faster speeds, allowing you make crackle-free calls whilst you’re on the go (using a hands-free headset or speakerphone of course – never phone in hand) and offering a way to keep your kids entertained on long journeys as they connect to the web on their smartphone or iPads.

You can find devices that transform your car into a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot all over the web, and often for a very reasonable price. If you use this software frequently enough, you’ll soon make your money back from all the cash you save by using a Wi-Fi connection instead of 4G.

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The Need Of Emergency Towing Services

You never know when something bad happens so it is always a good idea to be prepared to deal with the emergency. When you are driving a car, a roadside assistance plan is very important for the emergency. It will give you the best guidance.

One of the most obvious reasons why people look for roadside assistance is when the car encounters a mechanical or electrical malfunction. You’ll always need accident towing services to make sure that your car is not taken by the police or any other authority. So what are the major benefits of choosing such services?


Car breakdown can happen anytime. When you’re out for a long drive or going for a road trip and you immediately encounter a breakdown. You don’t know what you should do. People who keep the contact details of towing service on hand won’t have to randomly pick a company if any breakdown happens. They can call the professionals quickly and get the right assistance. Most of them can reach you within thirty minutes depending on your location.

Take Care Of Your Darling Car

When you have a roadside assistance plan you don’t need to worry because the company will take best care of your vehicle. There are few companies who want to make money. They won’t take care of your vehicle. They want to deliver your vehicle and move on to the next call. This means you have to pay more money due to their negligence.

License Is A Must

Each and every state requires a license for towing service but few of the companies don’t follow the rules. If you don’t do any research on the company you have chosen your vehicle will suffer a lot of damage. A reputed and established company always have their license to carry out the work. They should meet the standards set for the service providers. This means you will get top quality services for your car even when you’re extremely stressed.

Most of the cities have large number of companies but all of them may not focus on customer satisfaction. Many companies want to make money and they don’t think about your car. Look for a company which offers top-notch quality services in the industry. This means they will take special care of your car. Your car is a valuable asset. Keep all these great tips in mind to make the best choice.

Animesh Kumar Sarkar writes articles for Perth City Towing, one of the leading companies offering emergency towing services. If you are looking for the best accident towing services, this is the right place to go.

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5 Defensive Driving Tips

For defensive driving, you should know a few important tips. The tips are great for any driver, but they are more useful for new drivers like you. The tips given below will help you in many situations and you will be able to drive safe and sound.

TIP 1: Don’t Use Cell phones While Driving

Chatting when you are behind the wheel is not a good idea, as you won’t be aware of your surroundings. As a matter of fact, using a cell phone while you are driving is a very dangerous habit. The only time you can use a cell phone is when the car is parked. However, if you need to make an important call, you can pull over.

TIP 2: Watch the Traffic Signs

While driving, you should pay attention to the road signs. This will help you stay within the speed limit. Unlike most drivers, you shouldn’t do what the drivers ahead of you are doing. They may not be following the traffic rules. Make sure you don’t cross the speed limit or you may be at a higher risk of having an accident.

TIP 3: Keep a Distance

Keep a distance from the vehicle ahead of you. This will help you prevent a collision in case you have to apply brakes all of a sudden. If you don’t maintain enough distance, you may end up hitting the vehicle ahead of you.

If you are driving on icy roads or roads that are covered with snow, you may want to leave more room as you will take longer to stop. Vehicles tend to slip on icy surfaces when breaks are applied. So, keep this in mind.

TIP 4: Don’t Drive in Bad Weather

Bad weather may cause accidents. So, we suggest that you don’t drive when it’s raining or snowing. This is more important for beginners. Driving at night is more difficult so you need to be more careful. However, you can driver at night if you have an expert driver with you. They can teach you how to drive in bad weather. Once you are confident enough, you can drive at night as well. However, you should avoid driving in bad weather to be on the safe side.

TIP 5: Don’t Make Haste

At times, while driving you may be in a situation where you may not know whether you should pass or let the other driver pass. This can happen in a four way stop. In this type of situations, you may want to let the other person have the right of way. In the worse scenario, if you and the other drive pull out at the same time, you may have a collision. So, it’s best that you wait a few seconds before you pull out.

So, these are a few defensive tips you can use while driving. This way you can be safe while on the go. Keep in mind that your life is the most important thing for you. It’s not a good idea to be in a hurry at all times.

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Reasons Why Some Car Enthusiasts Prefer Buying Used Cars For Sale Overseas

As of now, when buying cars, more and more individuals are becoming more practical. Therefore, they prefer buying used cars. Apart from its price, used cars for sale overseas are becoming popular since car enthusiasts can obtain wonderful benefits. Below are some of the following.

Finding vehicles easily

One of the main reasons why car enthusiasts prefer buying used cars for sale overseas is they can find vehicles easier. Of course, finding cars for sale can be a daunting task most especially if you do not have sufficient time to personally check vehicles. Luckily, when purchasing overseas, there are reliable car sellers such as exporters who can work closely with you to allow you to find the vehicle you want. Plus, exporters also have reliable websites wherein the include details, condition as well as actual pictures of the vehicle for sale to provide you with better insights which can help you make better buying decisions.

Wider car selections

The next reason why car enthusiasts prefer buying vehicles overseas is because they have better car selections. Most of the time, when buying locally, individuals can only find local brands of vehicles. And, some car enthusiasts wish to ride on the streets with other models. By purchasing vehicles overseas, this dream can turn into a reality. This is possible since you have access to more vehicles when purchasing overseas.

Lower expenses

Some car buyers think that buying vehicles overseas can be very expensive. However, there are cases when buying outside your area can be cheaper. For instance, if you are looking for rare cars made by foreign manufacturers, you can expect high prices when purchasing it locally. Fortunately, some of these rare cars can be easily found in its native country. Thus, the only thing you need to do is to look for reliable exporters who can transport the vehicle in your area.

Better vehicle conditions

Finally, car enthusiasts also prefer purchasing used cars overseas since they can find vehicles I better condition. Vehicles can be ruined due to numerous factors from the unstable weather condition up to negligence of the owner. However, some cars overseas are in better conditions due to better climate and car owners. Plus, they have better access to replacement parts since they are living close to the manufacturer.

These are only some of the reasons why car enthusiasts are looking for exporters who can help them transport used cars for sale overseas.

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TS EXPORT is a reliable exporting company that offers new and used cars from Japan. The company also offer reliable exporting services to ensure that vehicle are delivered to your home properly and safely. To know more, go to this site.

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Tata Hexa Reviews: Specifications, Variants, Features and Price

Till January 18, 2017, domestic car maker Tata Motors had Tiago hatchback to make it fly on the sky of success with its remarkable performance and over whelming response from Indian car enthusiasts. But, now the native car maker has one more name to enjoy this ride of success in the form of Hexa SUV, which made its debut on January 18, 2017 and succeeded in receiving the same encouraging response from the motorists which its sibling Tiago had received almost a year. However, the encouraging response received by Hexa becomes more important in current scenario, because of the internal disturbances taking place inside the house of native car maker.

The internal condition of Tata Motors after termination of Cyrus Mistry as the CEO of company is not hidden from anyone, but ignoring all those issues launching the new product strictly according to determined schedule is enough to reveal the commitment of Tata Motors towards its customers.
So, won’t it be interesting to know about the features that are offered in a new SUV Hexa, which have grabbed the attention of car motorists towards it.

Engine and Performance: Empowered with a 2179cc 4-cylinder, VARICOR 400 diesel engine, the Hexa is boosting power of 154 bhp and torque of 400 Nm. The transmission duty is performed by 6-speed manual and automatic gearbox. The variant with automatic transmission system is also offered with all-wheel drive option. The manual variant is offered with four driving option of auto, comfort, dynamic and rough mode.

Tata Hexa Exteriors: Developed on IMPACT design philosophy, the new Hexa carries more aggressive and dynamic looks as compared to its predecessor Aria. The front fascia receives dual colored bumper enriched with features like DRLs, fog lamps, and enlarged air intake with silver garnish. Above it, you will find the honey comb grille with Tata’s signature followed by huge chrome work done at the beneath of projector headlamps. With all these features, the boxer bonnet gives the front end as muscular look.

Moving towards the side profile, you will find it similar to Aria, the side view mirrors with turn indicators will definitely remind you about Aria at first instance. With this the 19-inch dual colored alloy wheels add additional taste to the look of side profile.

At the rear portion you will find black colored plastic cladding offered at the beneath of the vehicle moving from the front portion to the rear, giving the exterior an aesthetic look. The thin strip of chrome moving from the window of front door to the rear gate leaves an impression of slab offered over the tail gate. The noticeable change at the rear portion is vertical tail lights which were considered as the replica of domestic car have been given new treatment for the first time by car maker in Hexa. The horizontal wrap around LED lights carry an eye catching look with help of dual tone rear bumper.

Tata Hexa Interiors: It would not be wrong to say that Tata Motors has not left any stone unturned while developing the Hexa. The manual variant will offer comfort seating experience of six persons while the automatic will offer the same to seven passengers. Moving towards the cabin, it receives enlarged steering wheel with steering mounted controls.

The instrument cluster consists of two circled bottom dials used as speedometer and PRM, with both having the chrome garnish treatment across them. Between both these dials is fuel gauge which reveals the information about different activities. The left of the instrument cluster adorns central console piano black finish across the buttons of all functionality including air conditioner vents, infotainment system, and gear box console. With all these features the interior of Hexa are developed with all contemporary features that are offered in the SUV’s offered by its contenders.

Safety Features: Tata Hexa is equipped with safety features like 6-airbags (front, side and curtain) for safety purpose. It also bestow safety features like ABS+EBD, ESP, HHC and HDC with Traction Control System.

With Hexa, Tata Motors has clearly revealed its strong intention of regaining its position back in Indian car market, which in recent years has been struggling due to some of its products. It is speculated that the Tata Hexa will emerge as the strong contender to existing SUV’s like Mahindra XUV500, Toyota Innova Crysta and new cars in India of the same segment.

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